With smart translation, take your business global!

A Hybrid of Machine + Human translation that becomes smarter the more you use it.

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By combining a translation memory database, machine translation, and professional human translation, WorldJumper provides professional-level translation at an extreme speed and low cost.

From corporate sites, service sites, EC sites, smartphone apps, and portal sites to internal documents, WorldJumper supports various types of translation.

Machine + Human Hybrid translation

Machine + Human Hybrid Translation Service

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The combination of Translation Memory + Machine Translation + Human Translation optimizes translation to the max. WorldJumper delivers a fine balance of the three elements essential to translation: High Quality, Speed, and Low Cost.

Machine + Human Hybrid translation

The more you use it, the higher the quality and the lower the cost

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Revised translation data is automatically stored in the translation memory database and reused in future translations. This is how WorldJumper becomes more efficient with use.

Machine + Human Hybrid translation

Full-time support by IT and translation professionals

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Our professional staff, well-versed in both translation and IT, will provide the optimal translation solution for your company. We also offer customized translation services including, but not limited to, installing API to increase translation speed and translation management of large-scale databases.

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Tasks and needs vary depending on the translation target

The unique features of WorldJumper will instantly resolve your translation issues.

Website Translation

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WorldJumper delivers high-quality website translation at a low-cost with hybrid translation.

EC Site Translation

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Specifically designed for EC businesses to help increase sales and operational efficiency, and reduce cost.

Mobile App Translation

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Service for mobile applications that quickly achieves multilingual translation and supports user expansion.

Business Document Translation

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Translation service that supports global communication.

From companies that are starting to go global to renowned international corporations.
Introducing our clients who have dramatically expanded their businesses with WorldJumper.

Shape Up House

A case of website translation

Successfully developed multilingual service sites necessary for the overseas expansion of Dandy House and Miss Paris. Making the best of WorldJumper's translation memory, Shape Up House was able to reduce translation cost by nearly 60% for additional translation needs.

Kenko Komu

A case of EC site translation

Translation of product contents for a new store opening in Marketplace, Hong Kong (Japanese → Chinese). WorldJumper continuously supports business growth with accurate and speedy translation services.

Subway Japan

A case of internal document translation

Translation of global management and store operations manual (English → Japanese). Completed large-volume translation of over 500 pages in a short period of time at a low cost with a technique known as light post-editing.

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